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Triple Treat Soap Bar by Aweni Organics



Product Description

Why go for a double treat when you can have a triple treat!
Triple Treat Soap Bar by Aweni Organics is formlated with all-organic coconut oil,olive oil and shea butter.
The coconut oil is anti bacterial ,anti fungal and anti viral,and so will destroy both present and future bacteria.Coconut oil is peculiar to other oils as it has a low molecular weight and so will penetrate the skin faster,delivering inmediate hydration that will last all day long.
The olive oil naturally contains three major antioxidants (Vitamin E,polyphenols and phytosterols) which will protect the skin from premature aging,restore skin smoothness and protect against ultraviolet light.It doesn’t leave your nails and cuticles out as it strengthens and nourishes them.
The shea butter will promote skin elasticity and increase moisture retention.


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