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Organic Seabuckthorn Berry Seed Oil ( Hippophae rhaminodes) by MO’s Essential Oils


Contrary to what its name suggests, Sea Buckthorn does not come from the sea but from a shrub that grows in the mountainous and coastal areas of Asia and Europe.

There are two kinds of Sea Buckthorn oil: Seed oil and Fruit oil, both derived from the small, nutrient-rich and yellow-orange berries. The seed oil is yellow or pale orange, more fluid and extracted from the small dark seeds of the berry, while the fruit oil is dark red or red orange, quite viscous and comes from its fleshy pulp. Both have a strong musky scent with similar effects, it is a matter of preference.


Some Uses & Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil:

  • Anti Aging
  • Supports & builds dermal collagen fibers
  • High Vitamin C & E
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Anti wrinkle
  • Skin restorative
  • Fights free radical damage
  • Softens & hydrates skin
  • Anti acne
  • Mild analgesic i.e. Pain relief
  • Smoothens & strengthens skin
  • Reduces skin scarring, swelling & inflammation
  • Anti microbial
  • Treats skin ulcers, sunburn & dermatitis
  • Strengthens & supports skin cellular structure
  • Emollient
  • Protects against skin cell water loss
  • Excellent treatment for rosacea
  • Cicatrisant
  • Fades stretch marks
  • High Omega & & Palmitoleic acid content
  • Natural anti dandruff treatment
  • Helps treat photo toxicity & Sun burn

Sea Buckthorn Seed Essential Oil Blends Well With: Essential Oils of Grapefruit, Frankincense, Rose Otto, Lavender, Schizandra, Palmarosa, Thyme Linalool, Rosemary, Peppermint, Oregano, Bergamot and Lime.

Note / Caution: Generally known to be safe i.e. non sensitizing and non irritating. However, must be diluted to no more than 10%. Not enough information is known on its effects on pregnancy, so we advise that pregnant and breast feeding women avoid.

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Weight 30.00 g

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