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Clarifying Shea Sugar Scrub by Aweni Organics


Ingredients: Sugar, Shea Nut, Shea Butter Oil, Coconut Oil, Camwood Powder, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Natural (Phthalate free) Fragrance, Optiphen Plus.


Product Description

Aweni Organics Clarifying Shea Sugar Scrub is packed with so many goodies to give your skin a treat!
The shea nut oil that will give your skin brilliance and lustre, while enriching it with Vitamin E,thereby protecting your skin from free radical damage,while the shea butter oil will enrich your skin with essential fatty acids that will improve skin elasticity.
Aweni Clarifying Shea Sugar Scrub is also enriched with Vanilla Bean that contains Vanillin, which is a powerful antioxidant that will soothe irritated skin and accelerate wound healing.
Aweni Organics Clarifying shea sugar scrub also contains african camwood, which contains powerful antioxidants and is also anti-inflammatory, making this scrub amazing for treating eczema, minor skin irritations, psoriasis, healing wounds and even smoothing out wrinkles. This shea sugar scrub is also amazing for evening out the skin tone and treating skin discolouration.


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